Product Introduction L8A series of electric valve positioner is a kind of device which receives direct current signal of 4 - 20mA from the control signal and precisely adjusts the valve opening with the pneumatic actuators.


    High anti-vibration (non effective in 5-200Hz)

    The linking of air duct is perforated form, convenient for the linking in all direction

    Convenient for the transform of positive action and counteraction

    1/2split range available by simple adjustments without changing parts

    Simple structure for feedback connection

    Economical energy saving.

    It is designed for high durability and performance in high vibration environment.

    Durability has proven after testing of 1 million times minimum.

    Response time is very short and accurate.

    Simple part change can set 1/2 Split Range.

    It is economical due to less air-consumption.

    Direct/Reverse action can be set easily.

    Zero & Span adjustment process is simply.

    Feedback Connection is easy.


Technical Deta

Dimension is Under Construction