Smart Positioner

smart valve positioner is a control device which controls the valve opening degree through driving pneumatic actuator in response to an input signal of 4~20mA from controller or control system. Mainly used for controling valve position of pneumatic linear or rotary valve.

Product Features

    Adopting the advanced IP moudle, it has a unique air path structure, which can effectively reduce the influence of air source quality on piezoelectric valve.

    Easy to install and calibrate.

    Almost zero air source consumption when the valve position is stable.

    The same type of positioner can be applied to linear or rotary actuators.

    Modular design, less moving parts, easy to maintain.

    With LCD backlight display and button operation, simple operation can achieve a variety of functions.

    Can achieve automatic diagnosis of valve and actuator.

    Can achieve automatic zero adjustment function through a key.

    Can realize the position preserving function under power cut, air cut and signal cut.


Technical Deta

Dimension is Under Construction